1.0 Company Policy

The success of our company is based upon the marketability of our products and services.
The securing and extension of this marketability depends directly upon Quality and Reliability.
The Work Environment, Health and Safety of our staff as well as third parties are an important
factor in all of our activities.
These principles are also stipulated in the EGC Group philosophy.

– Our activities focus on our customers .
– We are committed to Quality, Work Safety and Environment .
– Collaboration in a spirit of trust and confidence includes all staff members .
– The company and the jobs it provides are secured by economic success .

Our efficiency and our objectives are demonstrated among other things by the fulfillment
of the following principles :

– Ensure to meet agreements made with the Client, considering all legal considerations and EGC standards .
– Quality, Work Safety, Health and Environmental Protection together with economic success are equally important .
– The behavior of Management regarding safety and environment ser-e as a role model to others .
– Careful planning and performance prevent accidents and incidents .
– Quality, Work Safety, Health and Environmental Protection require continual Improvement .
– Operating at all times with all means in an environmentally friendly manner .
– Reducing waste and preventing pollution .

By application of our Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
we guarantee our clients to carry out orders with Quality, Safety and reliability.

These systems make company processes clear to all staff members and consequently improve the cooperation.

They establish a relationship of personal confidence between EGC on the one hand and the client on the other hand.

The Employee himself is responsible for the quality of his work and for observing the regulations of work safety as well
as health and environmental protection. In doing so, the Employee supports the Management in their overall responsibility
to realize the company objectives .

2.0 Introduction

The responsibility for Safety lies with each individual employee, from management through to labor.

EGC has the strongest regard for both safety and work procedures in order to achieve the target of
zero accidents by promoting personnel safety awareness, safety training and mitigation of unsafe work
practices through our Safety and Line Management personnel.

The main objective of Safety Regulations is to avoid human suffering from injuries and damage to properties.
All these regulations are to be complied within a strict manner.

Safety is as important as other business activities.
Accidents and injuries are unacceptable.

We shall conduct our activities in a manner that ensures the health and safety of our staff, our subcontractor employees
and other persons whom our activities effect.

We shall protect the environment and wherever possible return surroundings to their natural state.

No personnel shall be under the influence nor partake of any alcohol/ drugs any time during his duty hours.

We shall ensure the protection and safe operation of all plant and equipment.

We shall comply fully with all laws and statutes of the Country of Operations.

It is our ultimate objective that all EGC staff does everything possible to prevent accidents thereby creating
a safe environment in which to work.

The H.S.S.E. manual presented herewith is a document, which prescribes minimum standard of safety and environment .
It is the duty of the line management not only to comply with the procedures laid down in the manual but also to observe
any other relevant regulation prescribed by the competent authorities who have control over our work execution.