EGC’s scope of work covers the following activities:
1- Corrosion protection using chemical and mechanical methods, blast cleaning using any type of abrasive
protective coating for steel structure , tanks internal and external surfaces , pipes internal and external surfaces etc. .
2- Hydro blasting for ferrous and nonferrous substrate using ultrahigh pressure water setting.
3- Sheet blasting for steel sections, pipes, sheets and plates.
4- Thermal insulation lining.
5- On share and off share works.
6- Application of various types of fire proofing systems.
7- Integrated civil and architect contracting works.
8- Scaffolding and erection works.
9- Steel fabrication and erection works.

EGC’s is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market in the fields of corrosion protection, Thermal insulation and Fire Proofing.

EGC’s experience in these fields goes back to 1990 and since that time it maintained its high reputation in the execution of the most strategic and vital projects.

There are many factors that contribute to EGC’s successes, its utilization of the most current and advanced technologies, and its extended quantitative and quantitative services that meet its customers satisfaction EGC continuously seeks upgrading and sustaining its safety and environmental standard in conformity with its ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

EGC has the strongest regard for both safety and work procedures in order to achieve the target of zero accidents by promoting personnel safety awareness, safety training and Mitigation of unsafe work practices through our Safety and Line Management personnel.

A personal and professional commitment to proactively protecting the well-being of our employees, our contractors, our customers and the people of the communities in which we operate.

This organization is responsible for maintaining ‘Health, Safety and Environmental Protection’ in our works during contract operations.

Line management has the responsibility for safety in their areas of activity.

Each individual staff member has responsibility and accountability within this work assignment and within his level of expertise.

Every man is his own safety officer and has a duty of care for his fellow workers’ health and safety.